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Dive into Delight: Dubrovnik's Spring Gourmet Week TZ Dubrovnik

Dive into Delight: Dubrovnik's Spring Gourmet Week

Written by  Apr 02, 2024

"Spring Gourmet Week" - a gastronomic event organized in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and local restaurateurs, reserved for enjoying rich, imaginative, and delicious specialties prepared in Dubrovnik restaurants, is currently taking place and will last continue until the 7th of April.

Some of the various specialties inspired by fresh spring ingredients include asparagus with quail eggs, Dubrovnik-style stew, capon soup, asparagus risotto, and many other dishes designed and created for this year's gourmet experience.

Nineteen catering establishments participate in this gastronomic event, and you can see the complete offer of Dubrovnik restaurants here.

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