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Discover Europe's Hidden Gems for Food and Wine: Dubrovnik Tops the List! Canva

Discover Europe's Hidden Gems for Food and Wine: Dubrovnik Tops the List!

Written by  Mar 26, 2024

Food and wine connoisseurs are being told of the best cities across Europe to visit for luxury cuisine and exquisite drinks. Travel experts at have named the top seven unsung destinations for trips to experience stunning food and wines.

Dubrovnik in Croatia is one of Europe’s top foodie scenes and is ideal for those looking to combine history, culture, sun and fine dining.

The city of Eger in Hungary offers dazzling blankets of vineyards to sample gorgeous red wines.

Travellers should also head to San Sebastian in Spain to sample food from Michelin-star restaurants and some of the finest dry, white wines.

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John Charnock, CEO of said: “There are several cities all over Europe which are underrated when it comes to fine dining and exquisite wine tastings. “Food and wine connoisseurs should head to Sifnos in Greece to taste a selection of delicious seafood against the backdrop of the crystal blue waters. “The Portugese city of Porto is a perfect destination for those looking for a huge selection of delicious cuisines from top-rated restaurants, whilst Verona in Italy combines beautiful architecture with award-winning restaurants and luxury wines.”

Here are the top unsung destinations for food and wine holidays:

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of Europe’s top foodie scenes, Dubrovnik offers visitors an incredible food scene with top restaurants overlooking stunning views. The historic city is ideal for those wanting to soak up the sun and experience a magical trip abroad with fine dining.

2. Porto, Portugal

A perfect destination for foodies, Porto offers several cultural, architectural, food and wine tours. The Portugese city offers stunning landscapes and views alongside a huge selection of cuisine and exquisite drinks.

3. Verona, Italy

Head away from the crowds of Rome and Venice and head to the gorgeous Italian city of Verona. Known for being the home of Romeo and Juliet, Verona also offers excellent award-winning restaurants and luxury wine tastings.

4. Eger, Hungary

A unsung city break for wine connoisseurs, the dazzling blankets of vineyards should be on the top of the list for visitors. Known for glass of delectable red, the Eger region is at the heart of the wine region in Hungary.

5. Wurzburg, Germany

Home to miles and miles of eclectic vineyards, Wurzburg offers visitors the chance to taste magnificent wines from the local area, and produced by the local population. Some of Germany’s most iconic and historic wineries can also be toured.

6. Sifnos, Greece

This stunning Greek island has a beautiful selection of fresh seafood dishes and colourful salads to enjoy on the beachside. Relaxed restaurants overlooking the crystal blue seat and quaint buildings makes for a stunning trip.

7. San Sebastian, Spain

This city on the beach offers visitors the chance to eat divine foods at its numerous Michelin-star restaurants, including iconic tapas bars. Tourists can also sample some of the finest Txakoli wines from the region, a beautiful dry, white variety.

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