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Dubrovnik Leads Cruise Tourism Surge in Croatia: Record Numbers in the Adriatic in 2023 Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX

Dubrovnik Leads Cruise Tourism Surge in Croatia: Record Numbers in the Adriatic in 2023

Written by  Feb 07, 2024

Foreign cruise ships in the Croatian Adriatic in 2023 completed 646 sailings with 868,500 passengers, which is 14 or 2.2 percent more sailings and 37.1 percent more passengers than in 2022, according to data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

In total, 85 foreign cruise ships sailed the Adriatic in 2023, three more than in 2022. In addition to more cruise trips and more passengers on them, these ships also stayed longer in Croatia than in 2022, for a total of 1,474 days or 11.3 percent more.

Dubrovnik Leads Cruise Tourism Surge in Croatia Record Numbers in the Adriatic in 2023

Photo - Bozo Radic / CROPIX

By months in 2023, the months with the highest number of cruise trips by foreign ships, 107 and 102, were August and June, followed by October with 95 trips, and July and September with 86 and 88 trips, respectively.

Dubrovnik was the most visited cruise port in Croatia last year

Unlike during the pandemic years, foreign cruise ships arrived in the Croatian Adriatic every month in 2023, and in the last four months, from September to December, there were more of those trips per month than in 2022. The largest increase, of up to 120 percent, was recorded in December with 11 cruise trips.

In 2023, cruise ships came to Croatian waters under the flags of a total of 14 countries, with ships flying the Maltese flag the most numerous.

CBS also reports that in 2023 there were fewer cruise trips in the Croatian Adriatic than in 2019, 11 percent less, and there were 22.5 percent fewer passengers compared to that record pre-pandemic year.

As for ports of call, nothing changes every year - in 2023, foreign cruise ships were most often in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County on cruise trips, where 48 percent of all 646 trips were made, while Dubrovnik was the most visited port with 475 cruise visits.

Split-Dalmatia County is in second place because almost 27 percent of all trips were in its waters, and the remaining 25 percent were in Zadar, Istria, Šibenik-Knin, and Primorje-Gorski Kotar Counties.

Dubrovnik was followed by Split with 300 visits by foreign cruise ships, then Zadar with 160 visits, Hvar with 110, Korčula with 101, Šibenik with 89, and Rovinj with 63 visits.


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