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Expansion Takes Flight: Dubrovnik Airport Introduces New Direct Route to Gothenburg Canva

Expansion Takes Flight: Dubrovnik Airport Introduces New Direct Route to Gothenburg

Written by  Nov 29, 2023

In a bid to enhance connectivity between Dubrovnik and global destinations, Ruđer Bošković Airport has announced the launch of a new direct route to Gothenburg, set to commence in the Spring of 2024.

The initiative aims to bolster the airport's network, facilitating seamless travel between Dubrovnik and various international hubs. The newly established route, connecting Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and Dubrovnik, is poised to provide travelers with convenient and direct access to the picturesque Croatian city.

Partnering in this venture is Norwegian Air Shuttle, a renowned airline known for its commitment to providing efficient and comfortable air travel experiences. The collaboration is expected to contribute to the accessibility of Dubrovnik as a sought-after destination, catering to the increasing demand for direct connections.

The commencement of this direct route signifies Dubrovnik Airport's ongoing efforts to expand its portfolio of direct lines, fostering stronger links between Dubrovnik and key cities worldwide. The introduction of the Gothenburg-Dubrovnik route is anticipated to meet the travel needs of passengers seeking direct and efficient travel options.

For further details and booking information, interested travelers can visit the dedicated link. As Dubrovnik Airport continues to position itself as a prominent international gateway, this latest addition marks a significant step in providing enhanced accessibility and convenience for travelers visiting or departing from the enchanting city of Dubrovnik.

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