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Croatia without the crowds: Daily Mail discovers the gloriously peaceful Elaphiti Islands

Written by  Dec 02, 2016

Dubrovnik can be really crowded during the summer, everybody knows that, and tourists are often trying to find a way to avoid the crowds. Daily Mail published an article yesterday, offering the quieter side of Croatia – Elaphiti Islands

- Nothing can be said to be certain in this world, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, except death, taxes — and that there are more tourists in Dubrovnik than there are teapots in England – with this witty intro starts the article and the author continues with an explanation that Dubrovnik's walled seafront old town is a marvel, as picturesque and romantic as anywhere in southern Europe, but sometimes even the most committed sightseer needs a hideaway.

And what is a better solution than the Elaphiti Islands? The Daily Mail brings a few details about Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan – picking Lopud as their favourite.

- Dubrovnik surely ranks among Europe's top 20 destinations, but with travel, juxtaposition is all — and the Elaphiti Islands offer just that – concludes Daily Mail.

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