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Nautika Restaurant - Dubrovnik's Pinnacle of Elegance and Culinary Excellence Bozo Radić/CROPIX

Nautika Restaurant - Dubrovnik's Pinnacle of Elegance and Culinary Excellence

Written by  Sep 23, 2023

There are iconic restaurants in Dubrovnik, and then there is Nautika! The city's most prestigious dining establishment, known for its fine cuisine, stunning views, and elegant ambiance. Nautika is situated right by the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik, offering breath-taking views of the Adriatic Sea and the city walls. Its prime (with a capital P) waterfront location provides a picturesque backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

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I haven’t been to Nautika Restaurant for a long time, so I was looking forward to revisiting what for many is the benchmark for high-end eateries in the city. And I wasn’t disappointed. Nautika just has that feel, from the grand entrance to the welcoming and elegant staff to the incredible position. Nautika offers a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for special occasions or romantic dinners. The restaurant features both indoor and outdoor dining areas, allowing guests to enjoy the sea views and Mediterranean breeze.

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One thing that will catch your attention straight away is the service. This is the BEST and most professional table service in Dubrovnik, and quite possibly in the country. They seem to have an army of waiters and serving staff. You don’t even really need a menu, the staff are on hand to recommend dishes and wine pairing. “If you plump on the lamb for main course I would maybe suggest the beetroot carpaccio which is served with cheese cream, marinated vegetables and walnuts,” said the waiter. Not something that I would normally order but it was extremely refreshing and a great choice.

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Main course was a celebration of lamb. “They are cooked at 60 degrees for 40 hours,” explained the waiter. And this gave them texture like butter. Lamb Dalmatian-Style – with purple cabbage, crispy chickpeas and onion marmalade. Just delicious.

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Due to its exceptional location and reputation for gourmet dining, Nautika Restaurant is considered one of Dubrovnik's upscale dining establishments. It's advisable to make reservations in advance, especially during the tourist season, to ensure you secure a table with a view. Yes, make a reservation, the view is just as delicious as the food. And I didn’t even get round to the wine, the wine list is basically a book! Without a doubt they have more wines on the list than any other restaurant in Dubrovnik. Again ask the staff for help as far as pairing is concerned.

Truly an experience, a dining experience like no other. Whether you decide on a light lunch or an elegant evening meal you will truly have the meal and experience of your life. And I won’t wait that long to visit Nautika Restaurant again.


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