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Two Bulgarians Arrested After Bag Theft in Dubrovnik

Written by  Sep 09, 2023

After a 64-year-old Canadian citizen reported the theft of her handbag to the police officers of the Dubrovnik Police Station on Wednesday, September 6th, the police conducted a criminal investigation that resulted in the arrest of individuals responsible for the mentioned theft within 24 hours.

In her report, the 64-year-old woman stated that she was in the company of her family and friends, touring the old city centre in the evening. At the moment she was taking a photograph of the city, she placed her handbag on a bench and noticed it was missing after finishing her photography.

The bag contained a wallet with money, personal documents, a bank card, and some clothing items, with the total material damage estimated at 2,000 euros.

Through the criminal investigation, it was determined that the theft was committed by two Bulgarian citizens aged 34 and 32, who were handed over to the custody officer of this Police Department with a criminal charge for the offense of theft.


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