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Dubrovnik Mayor Shares Sustainability Successes at UNESCO World Heritage Symposium in Krakow Grad Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Mayor Shares Sustainability Successes at UNESCO World Heritage Symposium in Krakow

Written by  Sep 09, 2023

At the invitation of the City of Krakow and as part of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of this Polish city's inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, participated yesterday in a jubilee symposium that encompassed the exchange of experiences on the development and contemporary revitalization of protected world heritage destinations.

Initially, he conveyed congratulations to the City of Krakow on this significant anniversary, after which he presented numerous positive results and activities being carried out as part of the city's strategic initiative "Respect the City" during a panel discussion titled "World Heritage Cities - Perspectives and Experiences of the UNESCO List." Thanks to these efforts, Dubrovnik has emerged as a leader in sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean. He emphasized that the measures and decisions implemented so far have aimed to prioritize the high quality of life for residents and ensure a complete experience and the best possible experience for all visitors.

He also mentioned a series of implemented Smart City solutions that Dubrovnik uses to manage the destination, such as Bus Web Shop, Dubrovnik Visitors, Du Pass, Smart parking, Car sharing, and many others. He highlighted the fact that the city administration has focused on better coordination of cruise ships in collaboration with the international umbrella association of the cruise industry, CLIA, and the establishment of an efficient traffic system with the primary purpose of reducing congestion and environmentally responsible management of the traffic system, aligning with sustainable principles as the basis for further progress and adherence to all provisions of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Management Plan for the "Old Town of Dubrovnik."


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