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Meager Harvest: Ston Saltworks' Tough Summer Amid Unfavourable Weather

Written by  Sep 04, 2023

In the Ston Saltworks this summer, they haven’t been having much luck with salt production due to the unfavourable weather conditions.

Not only was it delayed by a month, but due to heavy rain on Wednesday, it had to be interrupted and effectively ended.

Nevertheless, despite the unfavourable weather conditions, they managed to harvest 62 tons of high-quality salt for wide consumption.

This was done on the first day, Tuesday, with 50 tons from the Frano basin, and on Wednesday, before the heavy rain, an additional 12 tons from the Mundo basin. Therefore, this year's salt harvesting campaign in the Ston Saltworks will be remembered as one of the worst so far.

For comparison, last year, they collected 70 tons in the first harvest from the Frano basin alone, and a total of 360 tons of high-quality salt.

This year, volunteers and friends assisted the permanent employees in this work. The saltworks state that despite the meagre harvest this year, they have enough salt, including the stock, to meet the needs of consumers in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.


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