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Restaurant Nebula: Where Luxury Meets Unparalleled Beauty in Dubrovnik

Written by  Aug 30, 2023

I have lived in Dubrovnik for over 25 years and it takes a lot now to impress and even surprise me, but Villa Orabelle did both of those and more. It is hard to put into words, even for me, just how glorious the location of this villa is. To say it is unique just wouldn't do it justice. It's almost hidden away but in the centre of everything, if that makes sense. This is one of the ultra-rare locations that has the glinting Adriatic Sea on three sides, I guess one could describe it as a mini peninsula. The description I read of "Just you and the sea," is pretty much spot on.

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Villa Orabelle is a very luxurious property that has a total of sixteen rooms and two suites. Nestled within the embrace of opulence, this exquisite villa is enveloped by the allure of lavish living, the estate boasts not one, but two resplendent outdoor pools. Here, an unparalleled sanctuary awaits, inviting you to surrender to the symphony of relaxation while being mesmerized by the enchanting vista of the Adriatic Sea, an eternal masterpiece that perpetually captivates the senses. And when I say pool I mean without doubt the most impressive infinity pool I have ever seen in my life.

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And there is more, much more indeed. For the charming Restaurant Nebula offers guests, and yes it is open to all guests not only clients at the Villa Orabelle, a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And yes, the views are thrown in free of charge. Its name pays homage to the stellar dust that adorns the nocturnal sky, creating bewitching and enigmatic patterns, a rather fitting name and one that follows the creativity of the menu.

And it is certainly one of the stars of the fine dining scene in Dubrovnik, there is no doubt about that. I am a fan of short menus, don't give me a boring list of meals, be concise and concrete. And that's what the talented chef and his staff have provided, short and super sweet. "Exquisite dining in a relaxed atmosphere with incredible terrace views. Exceptional service," commented one guest. Yes, I couldn't agree more.


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