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Arabic Number Plate Spotted in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

Arabic Number Plate Spotted in Dubrovnik

Written by  Aug 30, 2023

We see a lot of international number plates in Dubrovnik through the warmer summer months, but this is probably the first one that we've seen in Arabic!

“You live in a truly beautiful city, we are so happy that we got to see Dubrovnik,” commented one of the drivers of this car. The two men were actually professors and had been teaching languages across Europe, including in Croatia.

So where were they from? Where did this Arabic number plate originate from?

If you speak Arabic you’d have got it immediately, as the Arabic in the middle of the number plate actually reads Tunisia. Yes, they had driven all the way from north Africa to Dubrovnik. And they were now on their way to Italy. Quite a tour!

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