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Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez's Glamorous Stroll in Dubrovnik Alongside Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez's Glamorous Stroll in Dubrovnik Alongside Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Written by  Aug 17, 2023

Jeff Bezos, accompanied by his fiancée Lauren Sanchez, took a stroll down the Stradun in the company of friends, including the renowned singer Katy Perry and her husband Orlando Bloom.

Arriving in Dubrovnik on their $500 million yacht named Kora, the couple caused a sensation as they walked along the Stradun, surprising numerous tourists.

World-renowned, Jeff Bezos is most famously known as the founder of Amazon, the global online trading platform. However, beyond that, the 59-year-old American is a billionaire, successful investor, and philanthropist. He is involved in media and space technology.

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Photo - Tonci Plazibat/CROPIX

Dreaming of space colonization for decades, he fulfilled his desire to become a "space entrepreneur" by founding the company "Blue Origin," which successfully experiments with various innovations related to space exploration.

In addition to his business life, Bezos's private life is also intriguing. Four years ago, his divorce from his wife MacKenzie Bezos was declared the most expensive in history up to that point.

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Photo - Tonci Plazibat/CROPIX

At that time, it was reported in the American media that the entrepreneur would give his former wife four percent of shares in the online shopping giant, worth $38 billion.

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Photo - Tonci Plazibat/CROPIX

Bezos then began dating Lauren Sanchez (53), who was seen this summer with a 30-carat engagement ring valued between two and a half and five million dollars.

Recall that Bezos is sailing on the 127-meter yacht named Kora, which has a 76-meter support vessel with a helipad. The yacht can accommodate 18 guests and a crew of up to 40 people. Kora has masts reaching up to 29 meters in height, which prevented it from passing under historic bridges.


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