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Dubrovnik's   Approach   to   Sustainable   Tourism -  Educating Visitors Instead of Punishing for Wheelie Suitcases in Historic Centre Canva

Dubrovnik's Approach to Sustainable Tourism - Educating Visitors Instead of Punishing for Wheelie Suitcases in Historic Centre

Written by  Jul 03, 2023

Dubrovnik educates about sustainable tourism, it does not penalise rolling suitcases on wheels in the historic centre!

Dubrovnik has been the subject of numerous global media reports in recent weeks, reporting on the ban on rolling suitcases in the city's historic centre, and emphasising that tourists would be fined €265 for violating this rule.

However, the City of Dubrovnik would like to emphasise that this claim is completely untrue. In fact, the city administration of Dubrovnik has not implemented, nor does it have any intention to introduce any penalties regarding the use of suitcases in the historic centre.

A month ago, they presented an informative animated video in order to communicate to visitors the expectations of Dubrovnik's citizens during their visit to the historic centre, a UNESCO heritage site. Through this video, the city aimed to showcase in a simple way the kind of behaviour they do not wish to see from tourists, such as walking dressed for the beach in the historic centre, consuming food and drinks in public areas, climbing on cultural monuments, and so on.

The video also included a recommendation regarding the handling of luggage in the historic centre, which, especially in the early morning hours, generates a loud noise as suitcases are rolled on the stone streets of the city.

The intention of the City of Dubrovnik is not to impose sanctions but rather to provide quality information to visitors about acceptable behaviour. For this reason, they used mild, universal, and easily understandable forms of communication. Therefore, municipal wardens do not resort to fines; their role is solely to inform visitors, all with the aim of ensuring a more authentic and high-quality experience of Dubrovnik.

Through the "Respect the City" project, the city aims to promote sustainable tourism, with the residents of the city as the main protagonists. The City of Dubrovnik believes that when our residents are happy and satisfied, visitors to the city will be even more content, leading to an even higher quality of service provided.

"On behalf of the City of Dubrovnik, we kindly request that you share this statement on your website, as there have been numerous reports in the media, and the wider international audience is misinformed, believing that rolling suitcases will be penalised and fined in Dubrovnik," stated the City of Dubrovnik. 


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