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Dubrovnik receives huge interest at New York Times Travel Show

By  Jan 11, 2016

After the completion of this year's tourism fair the New York Times Travel Show, which lasted from the 8th to the 10th of January the Dubrovnik Tourist Board pointed out that “we can optimistically expect a great tourism year with plenty of tourists with this enormous market.”

Last year was an amazing year for Dubrovnik in terms of guests from the US. Even without any direct flights from the US to Croatia the number of American tourists who visited the city was significant. In fact, in terms of nationality, American tourists were the second most numerous in Dubrovnik in 2015. This year's New York Times Travel Show attracted over 500 exhibitors from 150 countries. The Croatian exhibition was organized by the Croatian National Tourist Board and presented a large stand which included the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Dubrovnik - Neretva County Tourist Board.

According to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board the interest in the city as a potential tourist destination was extremely high. Last year 76,913 Americans visited Dubrovnik; a huge increase of 23 percent compared with 2014, and achieved 238,226 overnight stays. The added value of the popular HBO serial Game of Thrones cannot be overlooked. Dubrovnik acts as King’s Landing in the serial and several locations around the region have certainly raised publicity in the USA.

The first day of the travel fair was reserved for business visits, while on Saturday and Sunday potential tourists were in attendance. The Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Zagreb Tourist Board staged three special presentations which included special prizes of four-night stays in both cities.

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