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Severe Storms Ravage Dalmatia, Leaving Cities Without Drinking Water

Written by  May 16, 2023

The heavy storms that hit our region brought abundant rainfall and created problems throughout the whole of Dalmatia. In Gračac and Obrovac, record water levels caused flooding of houses and other structures, leading to significant disruptions in water supply. In the wider Split area, a notice was issued stating that the water from the Jadro River is not suitable for drinking due to turbidity. Similarly, in the broader Vrgorac region, a notice was issued declaring the water unfit for consumption due to a sudden influx of groundwater. The issues also affected the Zadar area, where the main water pumping station near Obrovac was completely flooded. Across the whole of coastal Croatia, the unusually bad weather has caused expected problems with the water supply.

All major cities in Dalmatia have been left without drinking water. The current turbidity of the Ombla River in Dubrovnik stands at 44 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit). The permissible limit for drinking water is a maximum of 4 NTU, but our tap water is clean and clear, indicating that the investment in the purification plant in the Dubrovnik area has truly paid off. There is no need to rush to buy water from stores or rely on drinking water tanks.

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