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German Environmental Activist Takes Action: Cleaning Up Croatia's Beautiful Bay of Kupari

Written by  May 12, 2023

If you are walking in the Bay of Kupari in Župa Dubrovačka and notice that it is clean and free of rubbish, well you have a German to thank for that. “Picking litter wherever I am to inspire others to do the same,” is the key phrase of Tobias Riesch’s social media and he certainly had his work cut out in Dubrovnik.

In the former military complex of Kupari this hard-working German collection bags and bogs full of rubbish. Whilst the whole complex is waiting for reconstruction it remains like a museum to the Homeland War and 1980’s style concrete buildings. A fact that wasn’t lost on Tobias as he wrote on his social media “Sometimes you need a big day...war is over...bring peace to the people.”

The photo that struck home about just how much waste Tobias collected shows him sitting in between 12 huge bags of waste, each marked with how many kilos he collected. We did the maths and it works out at 73 kilos!

And Kupari wasn’t the only Croatian destination that Tobias collected garbage. He has been busy from Zagreb to Dalmatia and even the Plitvice Lakes. We are only sorry that he had so much work in Dubrovnik.

Thank you Tobias!

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