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VIDEO – New Ston bypass to open soon – and it is truly impressive

Written by  Mar 30, 2023

This could be one of the most picturesque roads in the world. The works on the Ston bypass, which will be opened in the next few days, will connect the Peljesac Bridge and the main road and bypass the small town of Ston. The whole section is around 8 kilometres long, and it looks like being one of the most eye-catching 8 kilometres of road in the world, and when combined with the bridge itself and the drive across Peljesac it will certainly attract sightseers.

The new section from Prapratno to Zaton Doli includes the new Ston bridge, which is a bridge in between two hills, and therefore two tunnels, you drive through one tunnel straight out onto the bridge and then straight into another tunnel. The bridge itself its 485 metres in length. And then there are two tunnels, each 1,250 metres long and two underpasses.

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The new section is due to be officially opened in the first week of April and will make the drive from south Croatia to the rest of the country considerably easier and quicker as it will bypass the border controls in Bosnia and Herzegovina at Neum. And when you add into the equation that Croatia is now a member of the border-free Schengen zone Dubrovnik is now open to a whole new audience of tourists. The trip from Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, etc. to the far south of Croatia has now become significantly quicker, easier and not to mention more picturesque.

Check out this new aerial video of the new section and bridge, truly impressive

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