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Come to Dubrovnik its cheap! – writes UK newspaper

Written by  Mar 30, 2023

Save money this Easter by taking a break in Dubrovnik rather than Greece highlights one UK newspaper. The popular Daily Express writes in an article “The Easter holiday destinations where money will ‘go that bit further’ for Britons,” about the value for money that Dubrovnik offers this Easter holidays.

“Tourists looking for an Easter beach break could swap an expensive trip to the Greek island of Crete with a city break in Croatia’s Dubrovnik,” writes the newspaper in their online travel section.


Generally, Dubrovnik isn’t labeled as a cheap destination, along with the island of Hvar it is probably the most expensive destination in Croatia. And to see the city in an article advertised as a cheap alternative to Greece is somewhat surprising. Usually we are being bombarded with articles claiming how expensive Dubrovnik is, this one from the UK breaks the trend. And as the UK is Dubrovnik’s largest market an article in the Daily Express will certainly help to fill hotel beds before the main tourists kicks off.

“Holiday prices have surged and many Britons are struggling to afford a trip. A team of travel experts have shared the destinations where tourists' money will "go that bit further,” opens the article.

And apparently, according to the team’s research, a 13-night stay in Dubrovnik for four people with flights, accommodation and evening meals would cost £6,934 in Crete, and £5,672 in Dubrovnik, or a saving of £1,262.

Nic Moran, from M&S Travel Money, said: “In the current climate, many of us are looking for ways to save and make our money go that bit further. Families that are able to consider some alternative holiday destinations, could find that their holiday budget goes a little further this Easter,” writes the Daily Express.

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