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City of Dubrovnik receives 100 proposals for new traffic regime Grad Dubrovnik

City of Dubrovnik receives 100 proposals for new traffic regime

Written by  Mar 30, 2023

The one-month public consultation process of the proposal for a decision on the conditions of entry, traffic and exit of vehicles from the traffic zone in the protected cultural-historical entity and the contact zone of the City of Dubrovnik has been completed. One hundred proposals were received for the proposed decision.

The professional services of the City of Dubrovnik will now analyse every single comment received, after which they will prepare a report on the consultation with the public. The report will contain a list of all accepted and rejected objections and proposals, with explanations for their adoption or rejection, and the public will be informed about this in more detail.

"The city administration thanks all fellow citizens who participated in the public consultation process, stressing its importance considering that the City of Dubrovnik is the first local self-government unit in the Republic of Croatia to make such a decision. The goal of this city administration is to adopt an ordinance on entering the zone of a special traffic regime for the citizens of Dubrovnik, to enable priority entry into the specified zone, all with the aim of increasing the quality of life", states the City of Dubrovnik.

By introducing this new traffic regime, the City of Dubrovnik believes that they will permanently and sustainably solve the problems of excessive traffic load in the zone around the historic core and protect the historical and cultural heritage.

The full details on this proposed traffic regime can be found here - Dubrovnik could be first city in Croatia with regulated traffic system - if you plan on driving in Dubrovnik you'll need to read this!


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