Wednesday, 22 March 2023
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Get your walking boots ready – “100 Women On Sniježnica” this weekend

Written by  Mar 09, 2023

The traditional walk “100 Women on Sniježnica” will take place this weekend, on Sunday, 12 March.

This ascent of the highest mountain in the south of Croatia, at 1234 metres above sea level, is held every year to mark International Women’s Day and everyone is more than welcome to join in.

Excursion plan -

08:45 - gathering of participants in Kuna Konavoska, welcome speech and start of the ascent accompanied by guides and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. The ascent to the top at a leisurely pace takes about 2 hours. A break and a photo shoot are planned at the top.

“We invite all women, as well as men, to join us and ask you to fill out the online application form (click for the link) to ensure a sufficient number of servings of beans. If you can, bring your own bowl to reduce disposable tableware waste,” state the organisers.

Transportation: by private car to Kuna, for the exact location select the link: location on the map. The parking space is limited, so our volunteers will coordinate the movement of vehicles.

Required equipment: sturdy shoes, clothing suitable for the weather forecast (dress in layers), water (at least 1.5l), mobile phone, food (energy bar, snacks)

Participation in the trip is at your own risk and you must follow the guide's instructions. It is not allowed to disturb animals, pick plants and throw waste in the environment.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or change the dates of the excursion, depending on the circumstances.

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