Tuesday, 05 December 2023
Forest fire on Korčula Forest fire on Korčula Opcina Smokvica

Wind hampering fighting forest fire on island of Korčula

Written by  Feb 05, 2023

The fire that broke out this morning around 4:30 in the area of 'Kapja' between Smokvica and Blato on the island of Korčula is completely surrounded by fire hoses and has been prevented from spreading further for the time being.

A strong storm with gale force winds and low temperatures continue to make the work of the fire department difficult. There are currently 35 firefighters with 10 vehicles from the fire brigades of Vela Luka, Blato, Smokvica and Korčula on the scene.

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Fire fighters on the scene - Photo Opcina Smokvica

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