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Spartan Trail Dubrovnik – the global race comes to an attractive Adriatic location

Written by  Jan 05, 2023

In the last few years, Croatia has been positioned alongside leading global and globally popular destinations, thanks to numerous events that attract tourists from all over the world. Of the various musical, cultural and film manifestations, the sports ones stand out in particular, as they not only have a positive effect on the mental and physical health of the participants, but also bring tourist benefits to the locations where they are held and are a real magnet for tourists. This is precisely why sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to try their hand at various disciplines, from hiking, various marathons to extreme competitions.

The Spartan brand is the world's leading company in the category of Extreme Wellness, which, among other things, organizes more than 450 races in 37 countries around the world. Additionally, it has made a big leap into the trail running scene through Spartan Trail, teaming up with world-class events for an extraordinary and unique experience. The world-famous trail races have so far been held in beautiful locations around the world, from Patagonia to Australia, with a stopover in the Canary Islands. But now it's the turn of the historic city under the walls, Dubrovnik, which from October 28-29, 2023 will become the centre of this sports event and host lovers of trail races. This alone will attract competitors from all over the world, which will have a positive effect on the tourist post season and the promotion of active tourism in Croatia.


"For the first time in Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, we will host the world-renowned Spartan Trail race, along with our Du Motion, another sports festival of international character that will surely gather many fans of running activities from all over the world. Thus, Dubrovnik and Croatia will be ranked among the most attractive destinations that have focused their development on promoting a healthy lifestyle, recreation and the positioning of sports tourism, which in recent years has recorded great successes and effects, both on the lives of individuals and on the awareness of society as a whole. The Spartan Trail race series will be an ideal opportunity for all enthusiasts and passionate sports lovers to express themselves in overcoming obstacles and show their abilities and talents. At the same time, the organization of this sports event is a confirmation of the direction of the development of active tourism, which will serve the city as an excellent promotional platform and a motive for citizens, especially young generations, to be part of beautiful sports stories that will bring personal satisfaction, and for the local community and Dubrovnik "a strong wind in back" to become an indispensable tourist and sports destination in the future", said Mato Franković, the Mayor of the city of Dubrovnik.

"I would like to express great satisfaction that we will be partners in an international project and that we will support it logistically and financially. Therefore, it is extremely important that this event will extend the tourist season. The tourism offer will be expanded so that in addition to Du Motion and Du Triathlon, we will also get a third major project in the area of the city of Dubrovnik,'' said Marko Dadić, head of the event organization department of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.


Spartan Trail Dubrovnik is the first such race in Croatia and the region that will allow trail runners to compete in up to 3 different lengths of trails. On tracks 10, 21 and 50 kilometres long, the expected more than 500 competitors will have the opportunity to push their limits of endurance and show true sportsmanship. The first three competitors in the 21- and 50-kilometer courses who shine on the throne will receive a cash prize for their winning results. Attractive paths with a view of the magnificent sunset and wonderful sea scenes will surely be engraved in the memories of the participants and encourage them to return to Croatia next year.

"We are extremely honoured that, as local organizers and personally as someone who has led projects of a similar nature in Dubrovnik, to recognize that we can do something where we would incorporate Dubrovnik's resourcefulness in preparation and organization. The population we are targeting is first of all the overseas countries, the American market the most, then the British market, and all those who are involved in trail running all over the world. Contact with nature and running in nature is certainly something that today attracts people who want to engage in active tourism much more. I think that together with the Tourist season and the city, we will get exactly what we have been looking for years; the season in which we will target those who want to come to the city and consume the entire Dubrovnik area with one world-class, attractive brand - explained Alen Bošković, director of the Du Motion race.

"We are extremely happy to bring a global event like the Spartan Trail to a world destination like Dubrovnik. With the support of the City of Dubrovnik and the tourist board of the City of Dubrovnik, and with an extremely experienced local partner and organizer of many races in the area of Dubrovnik under the Du Motion brand, I am sure that we will have a top race in a unique location. Our goal this year is to attract more than 500 athletes and lovers of trail running, and in the long term we hope that the race in Dubrovnik will become one of the best and most visited races in the world within the Spartan Trail series,'' said Ivan Zrinušić, project manager.

More information about the event itself, which combines a top-notch experience with the magic of sports and stunning locations, as well as registration for the same, can be found at

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