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Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković Tonci Plazibat/Cropix

City of Dubrovnik has a healthy 86.5 million Euros budget in 2023

Written by  Nov 23, 2022

Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković presented the city budget for 2023 today, pointing out that there is currently 95 million Kuna in the city accounts.

Franković pointed out that the city overcame two difficult, financially challenging years when it happened that there were no payments even for a month. Although the pandemic crisis has passed, enough funds have been left for three and a half months of operation, that is, as Franković said, for "God forbid" in January, February and March. “On December 1, the "large" budget of 86.5 million euros will go before the city councillors. We started 2017 with 58 million euros, so the budget grew to 92 million euros by 2019, and then the decline began due to the corona crisis. Comparing 2019 with 2023, we are recovering step by step and returning to the old pre-pandemic budget figures,” reminded the mayor.

In the revenue side of the new budget, among other things, he pointed out that the amount of 4.7 million euros is planned to be collected from Du Pass, from the walls 9.8 million euros, and 863 thousand euros from tickets for the walls. He announced a significant increase in revenue due to the new Law on Maritime Property, which will enable local self-government units to grant concessions instead of concession approvals, which will also increase revenues. There are also revenues from cruisers in the amount of 597 thousand euros.

Speaking about the expenditures in the next year, Franković pointed out that the expenditures will largely be created by the participatory budgeting project, which will be fully implemented in 2023, that is, by citizens deciding on projects in their city districts and local committees. In addition to the completion of housing for Croatian war invalids at Nuncijata, among other things he singled out the rehabilitation of the Ombla bridge, the extraordinary maintenance of roads, which, as he said, had not been carried out for two years, the construction of a monument for children killed in the Homeland War and the project of a new multifunctional hall in Gospina polje. There are also numerous projects that will not be financed from the budget but from EU funds, such as the asylum for abandoned animals in Grabovica.


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