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Dubrovnik the jewel in the crown of Croatian tourism once again Dubrovnik the jewel in the crown of Croatian tourism once again Canva

Which Croatian destinations have found themselves on TripAdvisor top list for 2022

Written by  Sep 23, 2022

The most popular travel website in the world, Tripadvisor, has recently published lists in its traditional "Traveller's Choice 2022 Best of the Best", and Dubrovnik has found itself in the top five!

The lists are created by the users themselves with their ratings throughout the year, and are awarded in several categories, such as "best destinations for food lovers", "best places for active vacations", "best cities"... There is also a "trending" category destinations", which would mean destinations that are currently popular, that are talked about and that are getting better ratings among tourists. And being selected by users of the travel website is clearly a big deal, as tourists to each destination have given independent views and ratings.

And on the top “trending” destinations list for this year are two Croatian destinations, Split and Dubrovnik. The Dalmatian city of Split was ranked in 13th position, whilst Dubrovnik came in at a very respectable 5th position. Both Croatian destinations were described as places with a rich history, charming architecture and beautiful beaches. On the top of the list of trending destinations was the Spanish island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands.


1. Mallorca, Spain

2. Cairo, Egypt

3. Rhodes, Greece

4. Tulum, Mexico

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

6. Ibiza, Spain

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