Thursday, 01 June 2023
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Croatian city finds itself on CNN list of Europe's most beautiful towns

Written by  Aug 09, 2022

A Croatian city has found itself on a CNN list of Europe's most beautiful towns. “When an island sitting peacefully in the Adriatic Sea just isn't enough, there's Korčula, striking out from the island of the same name on a tiny peninsula,” writes CNN about Korčula.

Korčula is reporting excellent tourist results from this year and this latest publicity on CNN is sure to help boost the tourism industry.

"Local residents claim that the explorer and travel writer Marco Polo was born there, but Venice would not agree with that. Either way, this is a world-class city of gleaming white streets and houses carved from local stone. The city is surrounded by the sea, and the Venetians, who ruled here for centuries, left behind beautiful buildings," writes CNN.

In addition to Korčula from our region, the list of 15 smaller European cities also includes Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Piran in Slovenia.

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