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Five reasons why TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food in the Old City of Dubrovnik is the “in” eatery TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food in the Old City of Dubrovnik

Five reasons why TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food in the Old City of Dubrovnik is the “in” eatery

Written by  Aug 08, 2022

We all know what it’s like. We’ve all been there. You want to catch as many of the numerous sights and attractions in Dubrovnik and yet your time is limited. Time indeed is of an essence. So how can you combine the sightseeing and grabbing a filling and healthy meal. There is an answer in the heart of the ancient Old City of Dubrovnik, TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food.

Food on the go, giving you more time to explore. And great food at very reasonable prices. With portions nigger than you can handle and all packed in an eco-friendly and easy to carry way. We’ve already covered the best spots to take the weight of your feet and enjoy a great takeaway from TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food, and you can find that guide here.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the top five reasons why TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food in the Old City of Dubrovnik is the “in” eatery.

Because it’s funky!


You might think that’s a strange reason, but it’s true. How often in your life have you ordered fast food inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site? It’s is funky. From the jazzy interior, to the excellent packaging and the menus. Even the staff seem funky, and will always greet you with a smile.

Fancy a slice?

pizza dubrovnik 2022

You have that craving for pizza! But you a) don’t have time to sit down and order one, and b) couldn’t manage a whole one. Why not grab a slice? The TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food has an open area that you can select your pizza slice from, yes, you don’t even have to go inside. Now that’s what we call “pizza-to-go”

Bumper burgers


A slice of pizza just isn’t enough. You have a hole in your stomach that needs something much more sustainable. It’s burger time! Now, when we say burgers we really mean huge, juicy ones. And you get to choose your fillings, either fresh salad, cheese or some spicy sauce, your choice. And again all packed ion a super cool way that won’t leave you having to rub ketchup off your T-shirt.

Value with a capital V!


Yes, we know eating out inside the Old City of Dubrovnik isn’t cheap. But at TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food you’re going to get value for money all the way. If you just fancy a portion of French Fries or maybe a healthy salad, or wrap, they are all reasonably priced and won’t leave you with holes in your pockets. Value with a capital!

You need a break from the summer heat!


The height of summer in Dubrovnik can be warm, to say the least. As the stone façades are warmed by the Adriatic sunshine you’re going to need a break from the summer heat. And inside the funky (did we say it was funky already) you’ll find solace in the air-conditioning, a real oasis from the sun.

Tuttobene Pizzeria & Fast Food

Od puča 7, Old City Dubrovnik
(street that runs parallel to Stradun)
T: +385 20 323 353

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