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Busiest month since 2019! Busiest month since 2019! Canva

A year is a long time in Dubrovnik tourism – incredible July figures at Dubrovnik Airport

Written by  Aug 02, 2022

A year is a long time in tourism. From almost complete isolation and shutdown to crowded streets and waiting lists for overbooked restaurants. Experts feared that the consequences of the pandemic would be deep and long-lasting, voices of optimism were few and far between. But clearly a year is a long time in tourism as figures from the front line of the tourism industry, Dubrovnik Airport suggest that the bounce back has already begun. Seeing that around 90 percent of visitors to Dubrovnik arrive through the airport the data of passenger numbers highlights the overall situation of tourism in the city.

In July last year 191,714 passengers passed through Dubrovnik Airport. It was the first month that the city saw tourist return mainly thanks to the fact that the UK eased travel restrictions. A month before only 59,566 passengers had passed through the southernmost airport in Croatia.

Just to get some perspective in 2019, which was a record year in terms of tourism numbers, a massive 514,723 passengers used the airport. Only August saw more passengers through the airport, with 524,615.

Now, this July the return to “normality” is coming closer, as 425,536 passengers used Dubrovnik Airport, more than double the numbers from last year.

In fact, these latest figures for July are the busiest the airport has been since August 2019!

Already over 1.1 million passengers have used the airport this year and with August and September expected to bring impressive results the 2 million landmark could be within reach. The driving force are flights from the UK, with easyJet, British Airways and the market leaders, however the airport is connected with over 60 European destinations, as well as transatlantic flights from New York.

In 2019 a total of 2.89 million passengers used Dubrovnik Airport, in 2020 as the pandemic struck that dropped to just over 330,000, and then in 2021 927,934 passengers. This year will surpass the previous two years in a matter of weeks. A year is a long time in tourism, indeed.


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