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Dubrovnik features in The Scottish Sun Screenshot

Dubrovnik features in The Scottish Sun

Written by  Jul 31, 2022

Heather Lowrie, editor and journalist of the popular daily newspaper The Scottish Sun, stayed in Dubrovnik during June, and the journalist visited Dubrovnik and Pelješac, and described her enthusiasm and details of the trip in a report.

During her several-day stay in Dubrovnik, the journalist, accompanied by a local guide, visited the main sights of Dubrovnik and got acquainted with the cultural heritage and the rich gastronomic offer of Dubrovnik restaurants. In addition to Dubrovnik, the journalist also visited Ston, which she was equally enthusiastic about. The Scottish Sun is consistently the most widely read and popular daily newspaper in Scotland with a reach of 2.7 million readers, which is 59 percent of Scotland's population.

Dubrovnik Airport is intensively connected with Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. TUI Airways flies to Glasgow every Thursday and easyJet and fly to Edinburgh. In the summer season of 2022, there will be 146 flights from Dubrovnik Airport to Scottish airports.

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