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Robin Hood on the Stradun Robin Hood on the Stradun

Robin Hood to be filmed on the Stradun?

Written by  Nov 05, 2016

It would appear that the preparations for the filming of the next blockbuster in Dubrovnik are underway. This afternoon in the Old City of Dubrovnik what appeared to be staff from the production company were spotted measuring all the buildings along the main street in the city, the Stradun. Is this the first signs that the next movie to be shot in Dubrovnik, “Robin Hood: Origins,” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, will be filmed on the Stradun.

The last Hollywood blockbuster to be filmed in the city was the eighth episode of Star Wars and that proved a headache for the production team and security on such a public street. Filming of Robin Hood in Dubrovnik is planned for early 2017 and a handful of Oscar winners will star, including Jamie Foxx.

Robin Hood: Origins follows the return of Robin Hood fighting in the Crusades and finding that Sherwood Forest is rife with corruption. Robin Hood then forms a band of outlaws and sets about riding the forest of evil, a classic Robin Hood tale but with a twist.

Today it would appeared that the “early” planners for the film were measuring the buildings with a laser and comparing them to notes they had already.

robin hood planners

robin hood planners 2

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