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Croatian heritage creating ambassadors for the future Grad Dubrovnik

Croatian heritage creating ambassadors for the future

Written by  Jun 29, 2022

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, the Head of the Administrative Department for European Funds, Regional and International Cooperation, Zrinka Raguž and Igor Deranja, the Advisor from the Administrative Department for Mayoral Affairs received students from the California town of Monterey today. The reception was also attended by their mentors Lynn Hodges and Michael Hodges.

The students, eight high school students who have gone through a selective process, are staying in the City of Dubrovnik as ambassadors of the Slavic American Cultural Organization (SACO), as part of a student exchange program whose ancestors come from Croatia and Dubrovnik.

"The goal of this program is for our young people to become ambassadors of our organization, to continue the tradition we have set, and to provide others with knowledge and passion for their cultural background and community," said their mentor Lynn Hodges.

Mayor Franković welcomed them to Dubrovnik and briefly introduced them to interesting facts from the rich history of Dubrovnik, with special reference to the famous Republic of Dubrovnik, as well as its influence in trade and diplomacy. He praised the initiative of SACO and told young people to continue learning about their roots that they can be proud of.


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