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The home of great pizza in Dubrovnik The home of great pizza in Dubrovnik Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa - a magnet for good food lovers in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik

Written by  Jun 20, 2022

Mea Culpa is certainly one of the most iconic pizzerias and trattorias in Dubrovnik. Located in the very heart of the Old City Mea Culpa has been a magnet for lovers of good food for years.

So what is the key to their success? You could argue that the great food on offer is the key, and you’d probably be right. You could also say that the friendly service and “food with a smile” approach is the key, again you’d be right. Or maybe it’s the fact that you eating a meal surrounded by the stone façades of historic buildings in a UNSECO World Heritage Site, yes, that could be the case. The truth is that it is probably a combination of all these three, but a few more hidden ingredients that makes Mea Culpa a “must visit” restaurant in Dubrovnik.

But to find the inside story we caught up with the manager of Mea Culpa, Goran Jerković, to see what makes this popular Dubrovnik eatery tick.

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Finding the inside story on Mea Culpa - Photo - Mark Thomas 

“The restaurant has a long history and tradition in Dubrovnik, we opened in 2000, so with over 20 years of experience we are proud to have served so many customers and to have received so many positive reviews,” explained the friendly Jerković. Mea Culpa specialises in pizzas, burgers, pasta dishes, seafood, fish and fresh salads and much more, the multi-language menu certainly has something for everyone. The whole concept is a combination of Italian and Mediterranean dishes all served by staff that seem to be continually smiling.

“Most of our guests love our pizzas, we are really well-known for pizzas and we often have tourists that come back year after year and even order the exact same pizza,” explained the manager. Adding that, “However, our pasta and risotto dishes are just as popular, so it would be hard to pick out a dish that is the most popular.”


Explore the menu and wine list - Photo - Mea Culpa

“One thing that we are particularly proud of is the positive feedback from guests from all over the world. In today’s digital world it is easy to see what guests think as they’ll leave a review on one of the social media platforms, and I have to say that the vast majority are excellent. However, away from the online world we just love the personal feedback from guests,” stated Jerković. Mea Culpa quite often has guests who after lunch come back for dinner, and that is a recommendation in itself.

Of course running a restaurant inside of a historic Old City such as Dubrovnik has its challenges, especially in the height of the season. “We always make sure that we offer not only the highest levels of food, but also the highest levels of professional service. We handle these challenges, thanks to our great staff and the experience behind us,” said the manager.

What makes Mea Culpa different for the rest? Not only do they invest into their staff, but also fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and of course guests to the eatery can feel this investment. The brand of Mea Culpa certainly helps. And a lot of work goes on behind the scene to build this brand and to create a restaurant that stands out from the rest.

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Guests come back year after year - Photo - Mea Culpa

So how have they prepared for this busy season? “We are ready for the new challenges of this year. We put a lot of preparation into everything, for example we send our staff abroad on training courses through the winter months so that they are up-to-date with all the new developments. Also this year we have increased the quality of all our ingredients to make sure that we remain at the highest possible level,” explained Jerković.

So, I had to ask, as a final question, “What’s your favourite dish at Mea Culpa?” With a broad smile he answered without hesitation, “Mea Culpa pizza.” The pizza that carries the name of the restaurant. And what are the toppings on a Mea Culpa pizza – tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, ham, pancetta, are the main toppings. Making me hungry already.


Mea Culpa

Za Rokom 3,

Old City Dubrovnik

Telephone: +385 0/20 323 430

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