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Dubrovnik Sharks to play in finals this Saturday

Written by  Jun 17, 2022

The final playoff tournament of this year's edition of the Croatian flag football league will be held for the first time in Dubrovnik on Saturday, June 18, starting at 10:00am, at the city stadium in Lapad. The Sharks, who are the the hosts of this tournament, are hoping that, like in previous years, they can be successful and win the brightest medal.

The dates of the matches and semifinal pairs are - 

10:00 Sharks vs Greenhorns

11:00 Seawolves vs Cannons

12:15 Match for third place

13:30 Final

Dubrovnik Sharks 4 

The Sharks are hunting for gold for the fourth time, and we believe that the team, with the help of large support, will keep the trophy in Dubrovnik!

Given the time of the event, we ask all guests to protect themselves well from the sun. There will be a couple of parasols in the stands, and if you want, bring them yourself. Be sure to bring water to moisten your throats so you can cheer on your Sharks!

Admission is free of charge.


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