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ACI Marinas looking forward to positive season after key investments

Written by  Jun 08, 2022

After comprehensive reconstruction works worth as much as 35 million Kuna, ACI marina Dubrovnik opened the season and welcomed guests in a new, updated marina.

In the past two years, nautical has proved to be the most resilient form of tourism and one of the key hopes, not only for tourism, but also for the entire national competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia. One of the secrets of this success certainly lies in the continuous strategic investments in raising the quality of all segments, with the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean, ACI. Moreover, in the last five years, ACI has invested a total of 95 million Kuna in the excellence of the infrastructure and services of its marinas in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County alone. Given the much greater freedom of movement and the positive indicators so far, Croatia expects another successful tourist season.

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"It is important to emphasize that this week the Ministry will start a public consultation for private tourism infrastructure of 1.2 billion Kuna, of which certain funds will be allocated for nautical tourism," said the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, Nikolina Brnjac.

“During the last year, a little less than 25 million Kuna was invested in the reconstruction of the breakwater in the ACI marina Korcula, the tourist artery of the entire island, which now shines again in all its glory. In addition, we have made a very significant investment of about 35 million Kuna in the reconstruction of the ACI marina Dubrovnik and therefore we are extremely pleased that this commendable project and the nautical season itself officially begins here. We believe that sailors will recognize the pursuit of world-class quality, from which these investments arise, and we look forward to the upcoming season, which is very promising, as well as new investment projects that will put our country at the top of nautical tourism," said the President of the Board of Management of ACI, Kristijan Pavić.

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