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Peljesac having impressive start to the year Peljesac having impressive start to the year Shutterstock

Peljesac seeing tourism returning to pre-pandemic levels

Written by  May 12, 2022

According to the e-visitor system in the municipal tourist boards on Peljesac, namely Orebic, Ston, Trpanj and Janjina, 4,650 guests have stayed on Peljesac in the past 4 months. This number shows that tourism is returning to the region as it represents 90 percent of the tourist figures from pre-pandemic 2019.

In total 27,600 overnight stays were recorded in this period, with April being the busiest with 14,000 in that month alone.

The majority of guests on Peljesac this year have been from Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by tourists from Germany, Croatia and Slovenia. And the tourist boards of Peljesac are reporting a strong increase in the number of tourists from the UK, and that after two years the UK market has rediscovered the Peljesac region.

The majority of guests stayed in private accommodation, then in camps and hotels.



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