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Works on important Dubrovnik sight underway

Written by  May 05, 2022

It might not be the holiday photo for your album that you were thinking of, but in a historic city the work never ends.

The Institute for the Reconstruction of Dubrovnik has started work on the complex of the baroque portal of the Main Guard. Within the scope of the project, the square capital of the north pillar will be repositioned, weak joints will be removed, cracks and broken parts of the decomposed elements will be repaired and damaged paving slabs will be replaced. Major defects will be supplemented and the surfaces covered with black marks will be cleaned and all surfaces of the stone elements will be washed away.

The Institute for the Reconstruction of Dubrovnik has earmarked funds in the amount of 180 thousand Kuna for this project.


Photo - Grad Dubrovnik

The estimated duration of the works is until June 15, 2022, and the project was previously approved by the Department of Conservation in Dubrovnik.

The building of the main guard belongs to the rare sights of the city of Dubrovnik as the dwelling of the Admiral from the 15th century, and is located at an important urban point, between the City Hall and the bell tower. It was restored in the 20th century, and the Baroque reconstruction of the entrance façade of the 18th-century architect Marin Gropelli has been preserved. The portal is adorned with a sumptuous arched frame, and the space is marked by two stylishly harmonized rectangular pillars ending in elongated, pyramidal spikes.


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