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More people sign petition in Dubrovnik to save cat's home than vote for the Mayor! Maris Šišević

More people sign petition in Dubrovnik to save cat's home than vote for the Mayor!

Written by  May 04, 2022

Yesterday morning, a petition was submitted to the City of Dubrovnik to return the cat house of Anastazija to the entrance wing of the Rector's Palace, initiated by groups of citizens and volunteers.

The case of Anastazija started back at the end of March when locals built a new, and rather fancy, home for the 17-year-old cat and placed it on the steps outside the popular Dubrovnik museum, the Rector’s Palace. The museum had previously objected to the old home that Anastazija had and removed it. However, even in spite of massive public pressure the museum decided to remove the new “fancier” home as well.

This started a media storm, with international publications writing about this Dubrovnik cat, hate mail to the museum and the ranking of the museum on TripAdvisor reduced to almost zero as a wave of people voted down the Rector’s Palace. The whole city was talking about Anastazija, and this poor cat was caught in the middle, not the way she probably wanted to spend her last years.

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The new home that was removed - Photo - Reader's Photo 

After the museum moved the house again a petition was set up to return it. And yesterday this petition was delivered to the City of Dubrovnik. Incredibly 10,335 people signed the petition, more people signed it than voted in the last election for Mayor in Dubrovnik. If it has been a race for Mayor Anastazija would be the winner by a mile. In fact, 1 in 4 people in Dubrovnik signed the cat petition.

“As a society we must show awareness and conscience, now the responsibility is on you! We deeply hope that you will decide by listening to your reason, but also your heart,” concluded the petition text to the Mayor. Whether the Mayor will listen remains to be seen. And whether Anastazija can live a peaceful end to her life is also in the balance.


Looking like she's had enough - Photo - Maris Šišević



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