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Runners from all over the world in Dubrovnik Runners from all over the world in Dubrovnik Du Motion

Spectacular return of Du Motion: runners from all over the world filled the streets of Dubrovnik

Written by  May 02, 2022

After two years of uncertainty, Du Motion was back even stronger and better! The best proof of this were the streets of Dubrovnik filled with runners from over 40 countries and the amazing atmosphere on Stradun as the starting and ending point of all races that took place on Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May as part of the sixth edition of Du Motion - Runners' Days Dubrovnik.

"One of the best races I've run so far. Great atmosphere, scenic track and amazing support along it. I stopped a couple of times because I just had to photograph this beauty. For every recommendation to other runners!" immediately after the race he summed up his impressions of Neil from Northern Ireland, and similar impressions were shared by others, with the obligatory addition at the end: "See you again next year!"

du motion runners on stradun 2022

Du Motion Runners on Stradun - Photo - Du Motion

Alija Imamović - BIH (1:15:21), Ante Živković - CRO (1:17:48) and Dejan Angeloski - MKD (1:19:27) ran the fastest in the men's half marathon in the men's category. And in the women’s race the first three places celebrated Tea Faber - CRO (1:28:17), Deborah Thomas - GBR (1:30:43) and Joanne Stanfield- GBR (1:32:03).

race the wlllas dubrovnik winners 2022

Race the Walls 2022 winners - Photo - Du Motion

half marathon winners du motion 2022

Half marathon winners with the Mayor of Dubrovnik - Photo - Du Motion 

About 1,200 registered half marathoners, almost 1,000 participants in the humanitarian 5K race, more than a hundred recreationists eager to conquer the walls of Dubrovnik and over 400 children registered for the Children's Race are impressive figures for this year's Dubrovnik running celebration. in The five-kilometre Citizens' Race was run to help the Association of Multiple Sclerosis of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, and members of the association welcomed the runners at the finish line and climbed the stage with the winners.

du motion run the walls 2022

Run the Walls 2022 - Photo - Du Motion 

The best in the Citizens' Race 5K this year were Filip Milanović - SRB (18:39), Alen Memić - BIH (18:56) and Sanel Uzunović - BIH (20:25) in the men's race, and Lukrecija Krstičević - CRO (21:57), Alisa Aliti Vlašić - CRO (22:42) and Irma Kristić - CRO (23:09) in the women's category.

5k winners du motion 2022

Du Motion 5K winners - Photo - Du Motion 

Saturday was marked by an attractive but demanding Race the Walls, in which hundreds of participants enjoyed the impressive views of the city and its surroundings. The fastest among them were Ante Živković - CRO (10:46), Luka Đurović - CRO (11:03) and Luka Rajčević - CRO (11:30) in the men's, and Hannah Grant - SUI, (14:22), Melanie Nicolle, (14:45) - GBR and Andrea Klečak - CRO (15:31) in the women's category. Shortly afterwards, Stradun was dominated by the youngest runners, Dubrovnik kindergarteners and younger elementary school students, who ran the Children's Race with laughter and joy.

childrens race du motion 2022

Children's race in Dubrovnik - Photo - Du Motion 

As many as 650 people were involved in the organization and made sure that every last detail passed in the best possible order. Among them were volunteers from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Turkey, who came to Dubrovnik on the occasion of the big International Conference on Volunteering in Sports, the final event of the EU project for education of volunteers on sports media, which Du Motion, as the project leader, wanted to increase its visibility on the market, but also to pass on to others part of the energy and enthusiasm with which its volunteers made this Dubrovnik event recognizable in the racing world.

A new meeting with the runners is already scheduled for April 29 and 30, 2023!


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