Thursday, 07 July 2022
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Seven earthquakes in total recorded in Dubrovnik region after initial 5.7 quake near Mostar

Written by  Apr 23, 2022

Last night’s earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 5.7, with the epicentre 45 kilometres southeast of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 16 kilometres east of the city of Stolac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is around 90 kilometres from Dubrovnik, was followed by a number of smaller earthquakes.

The earthquake that woke Dubrovnik and indeed the entire region struck last night at exactly 11.08pm and with a magnitude of 5.7 it caused material damage around the epicentre.

This initial strong earthquake was followed by a range of smaller earthquakes, or aftershocks. The first of these occurred only 7 minutes after the first one and measured 3.1 with the epicentre only a few kilometres away. And then again at 1.25am and measuring 3.4, this morning another earthquake in the same region, followed by yet another, this time stronger at 4.3 struck at 3:00am this morning. And then just as citizens had finally got back to sleep another tremor rolled through at 4.20am and measuring 4.4, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre. And this stronger aftershock was followed by two more slightly weaker earthquakes between 4.30am and 6.00am this morning.

Meaning that the wider region felt a total of seven earthquakes last night and this morning, ranging from the strongest first quake which measured 5.7 to the weaker aftershocks.


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