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Strong earthquake shakes buildings in Dubrovnik – 5.7 magnitude

Written by  Apr 22, 2022

Dubrovnik was struck by a strong earthquake this evening. According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre the epicentre of the earthquake was in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina at a depth of only 5 kilometres and with a magnitude of 5.7! 

Buildings literally shook as the earthquake rumbled through Dubrovnik with reports of shelves falling from the walls and paintings dropping to the ground. With eyewitnesses in Mostar reporting "Very strong shaking, lasted about 15 seconds, started slow with rumbling and light shaking, and at the end the strong shaking began vigorously! Some areas in Mostar are out of electricity, and population is on its feet!" And from Dubrovnik a local commented that "Biggest quake I have felt in my 40 years!" And a reader of The Dubrovnik Times commented that he actually felt the earthquake in Brindisi in southern Italy.  

"We were sitting in the piano bar of Hotel Croatia, and felt the tremors. I had no idea what it was but my friend Karen gripped my hand. She knew way before I even knew what was happening that it was an earthquake. She recalled one back in 1976 in this area like it was yesterday. The Earth moved on Earth Day. A reminder that we must respect nature, for she is more powerful than any of us," commented our columnist Gillie Sutherland.  

The actual strong tremors only lasted for around 5 to 7 seconds but that was enough to shake buildings. The epicentre of the quake was 45 kilometres southeast of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 16 kilometres east of the city of Stolac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is around 90 kilometres from Dubrovnik. According to reports the quake was felt in many parts of southern Croatia, as well as in Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and even Italy, as well as reports of people feeling the tremors in southern Austria and Slovenia.  

Damage from the strong quake has been reported in Mostar with some facades reported to have been damaged. The earthquake struck at exactly 11.08pm. 

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Damaged buildings in Mostar - Photo - Twitter  


This map shows the comments from people who felt the earthquake - Photo - EMSC

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