Friday, 01 December 2023
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Dubrovnik cat causes a world media storm from India to Germany

Written by  Apr 21, 2022

Good news travels fast, and bad news twice as fast. “The residents of the Croatian port city are divided about the fate of a 17-year-old street cat who recently lost her luxury hostel in the picturesque old town of Dubrovnik,” writes the popular German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Anastazija, the Dubrovnik cat in question, has not only been the talk of the town but has also hit the headlines around the world, a classic example of the viral effect. “The cat recently lost its lodging at the Rector's Palace because the city's Cultural History Museum saw the wooden hut as a nuisance,” writes the German newspaper, making the museum infamous.

And it wasn’t only the Frankfurt newspaper who picked up the story, the South East China Morning Post led with the headline “No cat’s life for Croatia’s Anastasia, 17, as palace eviction sparks storm and petition.”


And the Indian publication, New Delhi TV, went with the headline of “After 17-Year-Old Cat Evicted From Palace, What 12,000 People Did,” in reference to the Facebook petition for the return of Anastazija’s home in front of the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik.


And finally, although there are a lot more, the French newspaper, La Voix Du Nord, splashed “Dubrovnik: Anastasia, 17-year-old street cat, ousted from a palace, controversy in the city.”


The Dubrovnik cat has travelled the world many times over and highlighted the problem of animal welfare in the city. For the very people who are reading the story of Anastazija on Frankfurt, New Delhi and France (to name but a few) are tomorrow’s tourists. Not since the Game of Thrones has Dubrovnik had so much media attention, however this time it’s attention that the city could do without.


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