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NATO ships in Dubrovnik NATO ships in Dubrovnik MORH

NATO minesweepers carry out exercises in Dubrovnik waters

Written by  Apr 14, 2022

Two ships of the NATO Permanent Mine Action Group: the ESPS "Meteoro" command ship of the Spanish Royal Navy and the German Navy's FGS "Bad Rappeneau" minesweeper, were in Dubrovnik from 9 to 13 April.

This was a regular visit to the Croatian Navy and the city of Dubrovnik, the Ministry of Defence reported on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Defence pointed out that the activities of international military cooperation are an opportunity for joint exercises, exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences in order to improve interoperability.

The program of five-day activities of the group, among other things, included joint training with the forces of the Croatian Navy in day and night conditions.


NATO minesweepers in Dubrovnik - Photo - MORH

Ships from the HRM Fleet and the Croatian Coast Guard participated in the exercise activities: the landing ship minesweeper DBM-82 "Krka", the coastal patrol ship OOB-31 "Omiš", two rubber boats and a team of mine divers.

The plan included tactical manoeuvring exercises, mine clearance exercises, offshore replenishment (RAS) and asymmetric threat defence exercises. Exercise activities also included mine clearance procedures and the classification of targets with an autonomous underwater vehicle.


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