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Now that's a classy cat home! Now that's a classy cat home! Reader's Photos

Evicted Dubrovnik cat has a new home to be proud of, but will it get the seal of approval?

Written by  Mar 28, 2022

The Dubrovnik cat Anastasija, at the grand old age of 17, who was “evicted” from the Rector's Palace by the decision of the Dubrovnik Museums, this morning got her house in the same place, but much nicer, with motifs of the Rector's Palace. The rather splendid and indeed in keeping new house was built by Srđan Kera, a resident of the historic centre, and he placed it in front of the Rector's Palace, accompanied by another resident of the historic center, Marko Van Bloemen.

“This house lacks detail, it needs approval,” said the 'architect' Kera, and commented that if he has to pay a fine for placing the house in a 'forbidden' place, he is ready to pay the fine. The creation of this new cat home took 21 days and we have to say that it looks stunning and certainly shouldn’t be taken away.

And he added “I do not agree with the decision of the Dubrovnik Museums, because sometimes your opinion should be changed. I think that this story could have been used differently, to show sensitivity to animals. It could have been a trademark of this locality, because cats used to be on ships of the Republic of Dubrovnik for certain reasons.”


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