Friday, 19 August 2022
Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal in Dubrovnik Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal in Dubrovnik Screenshot

VIDEO – Quite possibly the best advert for Dubrovnik’s tourism for years – check out Nicholas Cage in Dubrovnik!

Written by  Mar 10, 2022

WOW! A new teaser trailer for the upcoming movie “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” starring Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal has been released and this could well be the best advert for Dubrovnik since the Game of Thrones. Yes, the 3-minute long trailer of course features the highlights of the film, however the whole Dubrovnik region looks absolutely incredible.

The movie see Nicholas Cage accept $1 million to attend a birthday party of a mega fan, played by Pedro Pascal, and it then turns out that the fan is in fact a notorious drug baron.

The movie was filmed last year in Dubrovnik and Konavle and the scenes from the trailer are simply stunning. Car chases through Cavtat, a luxury yacht pulling up to berth at a well-known Dubrovnik seaside hotel and an old-timer driving along the coastline with the Adriatic glinting in the background.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is set to be released on the 22nd of April in the United States and if the trailer is any indication then it’s going to be a huge boost for Dubrovnik’s tourism industry.


Recognise this Dubrovnik coastline? - Photo Screenshot

“I've never been more excited for a movie” – “Nick Cage against.... Himself !!!! The man who thought of that is a twisted GENIUS,” and “Nicolas Cage is a national treasure” are just a few of the comments on the trailer so far.

But the one that caught our eye was “He said “Welcome to Mallorca” but it’s Dubrovnik, Croatia.” Yes, Dubrovnik and the southern Croatia region is actually acting as the Spanish island of Mallorca. But whereas Dubrovnik was seriously covered in computer generated graphics in Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Robin Hood, at least this time the city and region are left to shine in their full incredible beauty.

Check out the teaser video below!

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