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Sign up now for Croatian classes at the University of Dubrovnik – Croatian for Foreigners

Written by  Feb 14, 2022

How good are your language skills? More to the point just how fluent are you in Croatian? Living and indeed working in Croatia without at least a few basic phrases and limited vocabulary just isn’t an enjoyable experience. Why not get a step on the language ladder with a course of Croatian for beginners? Imagine being able to hold a basic conversation with friends, go shopping without tripping over your tongue or being able to understand the news on TV, now is your chance!

The Centre for Languages at the University of Dubrovnik has just announced a new course, Croatian for foreigners, and they are starting right at the beginning with level A.1. This new course starts on the 1st of March this year and consists of 70 teaching hours over a duration of 12 weeks. “Croatian for Foreigners A1 course is intended for all interested attendees whose mother tongue is not Croatian and who would like to get a basic knowledge of the Croatian language. The course will enable attendees to master the Croatian language norm, to understand speech and written text, spoken interaction and production, as well as texts written in the standard Croatian language about familiar topics and everyday situations,” writes the Centre for Languages on their website.

Now is your chance to learn Croatian!

And after contacting the University it seems clear that this course is aimed at all foreigners wishing to dip their toes into the Croatian language. And you’ll even get a certificate when you finish, and yes, be positive, you will finish the course. The certificate is recognised in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The whole course costs only 2,400 Kuna and you’ll need to apply before the 21st of February to be enrolled.

For more details on the course, including how to enrol, follow this link to the Centre for Languages at the University of Dubrovnik.


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