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Cleaning of Kupari site Cleaning of Kupari site Mark Thomas

Kupari site getting ready for redevelopment

Written by  Mark Thomas Oct 22, 2016

Cleaning on the Kupari site resort has begun. The former military resort, which was destroyed in the Homeland War in the early nineties, was purchased by the Avenue Group this year and will be converted into a Marriot hotel resort. The Avenue Group attained the 90 year lease on the Kupari resort at the end of March this year.

The former military resort has remained destroyed since in the Homeland War in the early nineties. The site contains five hotels, including a hotel which was constructed in the early 1900's, the new plans are that all these hotels will be destroyed to make way for a five-star resort with a Marriott as the centre piece.

And a few days ago works begun on cleaning the grounds around the main hotel in the centre of the site. However the dates of the construction works is still unknown.

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