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No, this isn't the capital of Croatia No, this isn't the capital of Croatia Shutterstock

Dubrovnik the capital of Croatia – at least according to Yahoo!

Written by  Jan 24, 2022

Dubrovnik has recently found itself on a TripAdvisor list of trending destinations for this year and was soon also circulating in the world’s media. Whilst this was clearly great promotion, and indeed much needed, ahead of what will be another year of rebuilding, some of the info released raised eyebrows, none more so than the fact the one of the largest news sites in the world stated that Dubrovnik was the capital of Croatia.

Many Croatians travelling abroad are greeted by locals who wrongly believe that Dubrovnik is indeed the capital, after all it is probably the most recognised Croatian city, but it isn’t the capital. Zagreb is in fact the capital.

This sentence on Yahoo Travel News “The Mediterranean is a great success, with the Balearic Islands (Majorca in first place, Ibiza in 6th), Greece (Rhodes in 3rd place, Santorini in 10th), and Croatia and its capital Dubrovnik (5th),” caught the eyes of our readers (thank you for your messages).

Yes, Dubrovnik is on the list of trending destinations on TripAdvisor, but no it isn’t the capital.