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GOOD FOOD FESTIVAL - Delicious 'Taste of tradition'

Written by  Oct 20, 2016

A presentation of the gastronomy offer of the Karlovac County and the Guinness Book of World Records strudel took place tonight in the Klarisa Restaurant in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik. In the beautiful ambient of the restaurant, the lovely hosts from the Karlovac County took care that all of the visitors felt welcome and learnt something new about that part of Croatia.

Typical food from this part of Croatia is: wild mushrooms and other fruits of the forest, game, fish from the local rivers and flour from stone mills on the Slunjcica river. Some of the most traditional meals could be tasted on this dinner that was accompanied with music and chit-chat. Guests, who were a mix of locals, foreign journalists and others, could choose what they want to try. And the offer was really great: the Frankopan platter (deer ham, bear ham, wild boar sausage), basa cheese with corn-bread, the Josipdol cheeses, the Ogulin fingers – for starters. Then it was time for porcini soup, after which the main courses arrived: stuffed cabagge rolls with white polenta, boar stew with pupmkin gnocchi, lamb under the lid, catfish in cream and wine sauce, perch in seeds and corn flour crust, stuffed trout. Deserts were: chesnut cake, plumd dumplings and strudel.

When it comes to strudel, another interesting story pops up. In September of last year in the small village of Jaskovo, near the Dobra River and the city of Ozalj, the longest strudel in the world was baked using the old recipe of the Ozalj region. Measuring 1,479 metres long, it was registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Tonight visitors were able to see how the strudel was made by the one of creators of the longest strudel Marica Vrbancic who said that she loves Dubrovnik and that she's been making strudels since her childhood.


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