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Dubrovnik to continue with program of sterilization of street cats in 2022

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 21, 2022

The City of Dubrovnik have announced that they will continue with their program of the sterilization of street cats in 2022, marking the fourth fifth year that this program has been running. “In 2022, the program of sterilization of street cats will continue, which has been implemented since September 2018 in the entire city area in cooperation with volunteers who care for abandoned and neglected animals,” announced the City of Dubrovnik.

A total of 100,000 Kuna has been earmarked in the budget of the City of Dubrovnik for the continuation of this program in 2022, and the funds will be divided evenly to the three veterinary clinics in the city that participate in the action.

The whole project is co-ordinated by a group of volunteers, led by Ljubica Kežić, who was also the initiator of the idea. Castration and or sterilization of cats is carried out primarily for the control and regulation of the cat population, especially when it comes to cats that are not cared for and are left on the streets.

According to the City a total of 260 cats were sterilized in 2021, of which 218 were females and 42 males. And since the beginning, or since September 2018, a total of 1,291 cats have been neutered, 944 females and 347 males.

How can you help? 

The Non-profit organisation “SOS Dubrovnik Cats”, which is a UK and Ireland based charity, is always active with helping cats in need in Dubrovnik. “We are a charity based outside of Croatia collaborating with local volunteers and vets. Our main aim is to get the strays and street cats spayed and neutered and to provide medical treatment. We also assist with food for large numbers of cats in different locations,” state the organisation on their website. And you can find more information, and indeed how you can get involved and help, on their Facebook page.

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