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Load testing on Peljesac Bridge Load testing on Peljesac Bridge Croatia Roads

VIDEO: 21 trucks roll over Peljesac Bridge as load testing begins

Written by  Jan 20, 2022

Today, on the Peljesac bridge, trial tests of the bridge load began. Croatian Roads pointed out that with the installation of asphalt and bridge equipment, in the form of protective fences and equipment the conditions for the test load of the bridge were met.

21 trucks weighing up to 40 tons arrived at the construction site, and the load strains were tested in cooperation with experts from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb. The test load is carried out at the target points of the structure in motion at speeds of 20/40/60 km/h and during sudden braking.

The aim of the test is to show whether the behaviour of the structure under moving and stationary load is in accordance with the designed values. For the purposes of testing sensors already installed in the bridge and additional control sensors of the faculty were used.

Another logistical problem was solved at the Peljesac construction site this week. A 750-ton crane was unloaded from a barge on the operational shore of the future Ston Bridge on Wednesday. It will be used for the erection and installation of six segments of the steel span structure of the Ston bridge, 485 meters long, which directly connects the two tunnels on the Ston bypass. The Ston Bridge is on the section of the future road across Peljesac built by the Greek company Avax.


Photo - Croatia Roads 

After the crane and supporting scaffolding were unloaded at the bridge to support the construction segments the barge returned to Split to Brodosplit for the first two segments of the bridge, which should be delivered to the site early next week. The first delivery also includes the longest segment of the bridge, segment A, 93 meters long and weighing 330 tons. A total of three deliveries of segments are planned, and the installation itself would be completed by the end of March.


Photo - Croatia Roads 

The Ston Bridge is 485 meters long, and its specificity is that it will connect two tunnels above the Ston Bay - Polakovica, which is 1,242 metres long, and Supava, 1,290 metres long. The bridge has five pillars and will be 40 metres high.

Croatia Roads emphasized that the Pelješac bridge will be opened to traffic this summer, as well as the section of the Pelješac road Duboka - Sparagovići, which is being built by the company Strabag. A part of the section built by the Greek Avax will also be opened to traffic, except for the Ston bypass, of which the Ston bridge is a part. The Ston bypass will be finished in the autumn, by the end of 2022 at the latest.

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