Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Ever decreasing population of Korčula highlighted in latest census

Written by  Jan 16, 2022

According to last year's census results, there are 14,612 inhabitants on the island of Korčula, which is a decrease of 910 inhabitants compared to the census 10 years ago.

Out of five local self-government units on Korčula, only the Municipality of Lumbarda has positive results and only just with 4 more inhabitants.

The boundaries of the City of Korčula, from Korčula from Čara has 5,419 inhabitants or 244 less than 10 years ago. Blato has 3,322 inhabitants or 271 less, Smokvica 865 or 39 less and Vela Luka 3,789 or 348 less and is still the largest settlement on Korcula.

According to available official data, the island of Korcula has not been the most populated Croatian island for more than 10 years, nor the most economically developed. Its economic and demographic stagnation has been evident for some time. And given the fact that a large population of the island is over 65 years old the future doesn’t look so bright.

The constant decrease in population is even more highlighted by the fact that 30 years ago the island was home to around 17,800 people, or just under 3,200 more when compared with the latest census.


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